Gica-Fara-Frica is comming to Hotel Central



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August 19, 2023

We are happy to announce that every evening on the terrace of our hotel, you have the opportunity to enjoy a special event for the little ones. The GICA-FARA-FRICA clown is here to enrich every children's evening with funny poems, happy songs and colorful balloons!

With an extraordinary talent for bringing smiles to the faces of the little ones, GICA-FARA-FRICA is known for its ability to create moments full of joy and merriment. Regardless of age, every child is invited to join the event and enjoy the magic of this captivating show.

Don't miss the opportunity to spend the evenings in a unique and fun way with the little ones. We invite you to join us every evening on the hotel terrace to be part of this wonderful adventure with GICA-FARA-FRICA the clown!

We await you with open arms and hearts full of excitement to enjoy these moments of joy and laughter together!